October 24th Meeting Notes

Posted: October 25, 2011 by occupyrapidcity in Meeting Notes

Notes from ORC Meeting October 24 – Download

  1. Idowu says:

    are trying to apply the metro-blogging sttruruce to college, wherein you see the business model. But this idea, however unique it may sound, purely hangs on the assumption that college students like metro-bloggers, who are passionate about the city, will be passionate about their colleges. And that is probably where you are making a mistake.As far as I know, apart from the IITs, no one likes their college. Getting a bunch of these folks together to write college related stuff will only get you articles on id card cribbing , cellphone ban cribbing , bad exam paper evaluation , ban of girl-boy interaction in college cribbing , bad canteen food et al. I have met so many folks from so many colleges and trust me this is what they talk about. Even if they are studying in St. Josephs, which unarguably makes the best food, they crib about their canteen.So at the end of the day, you would be recruiting a bunch of folks who would be passionate about bashing their colleges up (of course without naming). But then like it would take a genius to guess which college it is that the author is talking about when he/she points out that his/her college fines them 1000 bucks for talking to the opposite sex.


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