Occupy Rapid City continues support for the Bank Transfer initiative

Posted: November 9, 2011 by occupyrapidcity in Activism


Occupy Rapid City to celebrate victory over Bank Transfer Day

For immediate release

November 9th, 2011

Emerging from the growth of the Occupy Wall Street movement four weeks prior, the Occupy Rapid City group celebrates a victory for the movement following last weeks local demonstration against Wall Street banks as part of Bank Transfer Day. Over the past month over 4.5 billion dollars have been moved nationwide from large banks to smaller, localized banks and credit unions [1].

Last week’s demonstration took the group’s array of demonstrators from Main Street Square downtown, past US Bank and Wells Fargo and back, as a sign of solidarity with the wider movement.

At the group’s weekly meeting last Monday at the Rapid City Public Library, the group decided to again take their occupation of Main St. and 6th St. downtown to the big banks, in a continuation of their awareness campaign concerning what they consider to be harmful practices that bring negative consequences to the American economy.

The group has also been in contact with the Rapid City Police Department. Lieutenant Johns of the RCPD met with part of the group on Tuesday to discuss the department’s support of the right of assembly and speech, and to encourage the group to continue their demonstrations in accordance with civil behavior towards pedestrians, traffic and private property. [2] Those in attendance assured their intent to continue to encourage civility among the group, as it has been in their demonstrations so far.

This Saturday November 12th, the group will meet at the usual time around 12:00 PM at the junction of Main Street Square in Rapid City. From there they will proceed towards the junction by Wells Fargo Bank where they will continue their demonstration along the public sidewalks, with passers-by in mind as they campaign for supporting the local economy.

In addition to their demonstrations some participants have reached out to engage with the management of the Wells Fargo Bank, with whom they would like to share their grievances. An administrator of the Wells Fargo Bank has been said to have agreed to meet with a small group at the bank on Saturday.

The groups weekly meeting schedule is noted on their web site.

Inquiries about this press release or the group in general should be directed to occupyrapidcity@gmail.com

[1] RT.com – Billions of dollars moved in bank transfer demonstrations


[2] Lieutenant James Johns – 605-394-4133 – james.johns@rcgov.org




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