Occupy Rapid City presses on, sponsors film at Elks Theatre

Posted: November 23, 2011 by occupyrapidcity in General

Occupy Rapid City shows no signs of slowing. With weekly consensus-based meetings continuing, the activists are still reaching out for new ways to support the nation-wide effort for the promotion of social, economic and political change.

In conjunction with Voices of the Heartland film society, Occupy Rapid City is co-sponsoring the screening of an Academy Award winning documentary Inside Job at the Elks Theatre in downtown Rapid City this coming Monday, November 28th at 6:30pm.

The 2010 documentary tells the story of how the global economic collapse happened and who was responsible, and was selected for its relevance to the locally emerged Occupy movement.

This week’s effort comes following the success of national “Bank Transfer Day” or “Move Your Money Day”, where the group rallied in the public spaces surrounding Wells Fargo (one of the banks cited in the film Inside Job) in avocation for moving to credit unions or local banks.

In response to the group’s activities that week, three of the local Wells Fargo management staff allowed four participants of the group to meet with them, absent the press or audio record, to discuss some of the current and former Wells Fargo customer’s grievances.

Those in participation later reported that they discussed numerous issues including discontent with increasing fees, the institution’s receipt of billions of dollars in taxpayer bailout money, as wells as their encouragement for the bank to participate in Bank On Rapid City, a local program designed to help anyone without a bank account find affordable financial services.

The Wells Fargo personnel stated that they would file a report with their headquarters.

At another stage in their development, members of the group consider this movement to be an indefinite effort for Rapid City activists. A ‘vision statement’ has been published to let the public know who they are and their long-term goals. This can be seen at their official website: https://occupyrapidcity.wordpress.com/vision

Group participants still show enthusiasm for continuing their weekly Saturday demonstrations in downtown Rapid City, in support of the greater movement.



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