GA Meeting Notes – Dec 19, 11

Posted: December 20, 2011 by occupyrapidcity in Meeting Notes

Proposed Agenda:

Occupy Rapid City Agenda December 19, 2011

Rapid City Public Library Room B 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Introductions New people asked to say a bit about themselves and why they are here in one sentence

Approval of Agenda Make additions and deletions at this time

Meeting Ground Rules Raise hand and be recognized by moderator before speaking and include everyone in the discussion

Announcements, concerns, updates

Plans for Teach-ins December 21, January 5, January 31

December 21 (Wednesday) 6:00 to 8:00 pm @ Library Room B – Jaime Jensen on green alternatives, second presentation by Richard (?) on Effects of Economic Inequality (feat. Richard Wilkinson), third presentation open/Occupy Videos

January 31 (Tuesday) 5:30 to 7:30 in Room B – Lilias Jarding of Clean Water Alliance will speak on corporate energy: coal, oil, nuclear energy and uranium mining in SD

January (Date Undetermined) – Karen Hall of Democracy in Action will speak about effective lobbying of SD Legislature

Plan for December 26 and January 2 General Assemblies when RC Library is closed. No meetings? Alternate location? Meet online?

Occupy the Courts and Congress In keeping with last week’s decision to coordinate our actions with those of the larger movement, here are some possibilities:

  • Occupy Congress January 17 This is the date that Congress reconvenes and all Occupy groups are invited to be in Washington D.C. to demand redress of grievances with emphasis on concentration of wealth, money controlling government, and a government unable/unwilling to govern.
  • Saturday, January 21, is the first anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited undisclosed amounts of corporate money in political campaigns. Promoted by the organization Move to Amend there will be occupations of courts around the country on Friday, January 20.
  • ORC has decided to protest at the federal building in RC. Are we protesting on the 17th? 20th? The 21st?
  • Are we going beyond a protest and organizing to promote the Move to Amend effort to amend the US Constitution to deny personhood to corporations and deny them the right to contribute to political campaigns?
  • We’ve talked about a SD constitutional amendment initiative banning corporate money in elections. It takes a lot of signatures. 10% of the number who voted in the last gubernatorial election plus extra signatures because some will be thrown out. We’d need to partner with other highly committed groups, lots of boots on the ground. Good legal advice. Need money for advertising. Excellent opportunity to educate and energize the public. Should we proceed? Who besides Charlotte will work on this?

Plans for occupying Main Street Square the next three Saturdays

Creation of List of Alternative News Sources

Ideas for expanding membership and participation

Meeting Notes:

By General Consensus:

December 26 and January 2:   No General Assembly meetings
Occupy the Federal Building (peaceably!)   In January ORC Saturday noon demonstrations now at Main Street Square move to the RC Federal Building with demonstrators along St. Joe and Main Street and possibly in front of Wells Fargo. Some will start at Main St. Square and march to the Federal Building. Others will arrive at the Federal Building. Usual time: 12pm Saturdays.
Monday, January 16 Occupy City Hall in support of a non-binding resolution saying corporations are not people. Jim Peterson and Shirley Frederick will work on this and send out details.
January 20  Occupy the Federal Courthouse  On the first anniversary of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited undisclosed amounts of corporate money in political campaigns there will be occupations of courthouses around the country. This effort is being promoted by the group Move to Amend, which is organizing for an amendment to the US Constitution denying person-hood to corporations. Meet at the Rapid City federal courthouse (9th and Main and St. Joe) at 4:30 pm to catch drive time traffic.
  1. Arvin says:

    Suchithra, Perhaps we can. But who said Solar cells are sustainable. The mairetals that go into making solar cells are becoming more and more rare. What are we going to do then? Really, we humans have a way of creating large scale mess-ups everywhere


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