Feb. 16th Meeting Notes

Posted: January 18, 2012 by occupyrapidcity in Meeting Notes
Agenda Items:
  • Making a transition to Google group as main source of contact via Internet
  • 99% Declaration Updates
  • Citizens United National Day of Action- Friday January 20th Protest Plans
  • NDAA National Day of Action- Saturday February 4th Protest Plans
ALEC- Harder to get to than previously thought. Tom contacted the chair person Deb Peters and was referred to the Internet as his go to source of information. http://www.alec.org/ He was unable to get a list of members but did find that members pay and the site shows that it is endorsed by Koch. More digging should be done.  http://alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed
Tom has talked to Jim Leech a lawyer who does a lot of pro-bono work. He is willing to look at what we come up with (in regards to getting money out of politics). No promises were made.
Liz’s book reading was “spectacular”. All are encouraged to go to http://ttupress.org/ where they can purchase their own copy.
Clay encourages all to make use of http://billmoyers.com/
Congratulations to Tom and Shirley for making the City Councils task force to oversee the protocol for selecting depositories.
Agenda Items:
Making better use of the Google group as an answer to the spam issue was discussed. A consensus that Shirley should send out a HIGH ALERT email to the entire email list she has, explaining how to sign up to be apart of the google group and how to post  (emails do Not need to be Gmail) and informing all that we are transitioning to that as our main source of information share. Warn that if they want to continue receiving ORC emails that they should take the time to sign up for the group as otherwise they will most likely not be updated in the future.
Including a weekly post to be made for agenda items for the following GA meeting.
Also bringing a form or blank paper to encourage those who come to the protests to list their possible agenda items for the following week.
Charlotte has done some research on the proposed 99% Declaration and as of right now they have a sort of nomination/election process they are trying to sort out and validate but they do have 52 proposed delegates.It is to be held in Philadelphia, July 1st through the 5th. No funding is available as of yet through the 99% declaration team. http://www.the-99-declaration.org/  The consensus is that an invitation for possible volunteers should be posted on the website with a link to the 99 declaration page. They are asking for two and prefer it to be a male/female pair but Tom encourages as many as possible should attend. Talk of a group of ‘us’ going was had, and this item staying priority was discussed.
There was talk about the need for *more press coverage. It was discussed that as we align ourselves to national actions that we make use of our local press. Stemming from that discussion was the idea that we should not become complacent and that making use of more visible stimulating actions is a good idea. Ideas for larger signs and for a possible “dynamics group” was talked about. All are encouraged to volunteer for such a group. Many approved of the idea of dressing in orange and possible wearing masks for the February 4th protest against the NDAA.
The protest against citizens united this friday ‘should’ be highlighted by a press release and a large sign reading ‘Liberty and Justice for ALL’.
There was a consensus made to attend the NDAA protest on February 4th from 10:30am-3:00pm BUT there needs to be a correction. It was thought that the protest ‘hosted’ by a separate individual would be held at the Federal building but it is actually happening in front of John Thune’s office. So that item should be revisited at the next GA meeting.


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