ORC Update

Posted: March 4, 2012 by occupyrapidcity in General

The Occupy Rapid City General Assembly will meet at Seattle’s Best Cafe, 523 6th Street, Rapid City on Monday, March 5 at 5:30 pm. On the agenda will be a discussion of billboards–should Occupy take on that issue since the governor is expected to sign the bill that would nullify Rapid City’s new billboard control ordinance. It’s another corporate control issue–Lamar Advertising lobbying the state legislature to pass a bill favorable to them, a measure that overrides the wishes of Rapid Citians who voted for billboard control.

ORC opposes the TransCanada XL oil pipeline whose route takes it across South Dakota and the Ogallala aquifer. Although the project has been temporarily shelved by the Obama administration, TransCanada coninues to use eminent domain to get control of farm and ranch land along the proposed route.

Tom Katus and Shirley Frederick represent ORC on the city’s Depository Task Force, the group that will recommend to the city council where city money should be deposited. Wells Fargo and Merrill Lynch are currently on the list of approved depositories.

ORC continues to protest corporate control of our government at Main Street Square in Rapid City every Saturday noon.



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