Saturday protest March 10th to continue Rush Limbaugh theme

Posted: March 9, 2012 by firewalker2012 in Activism, Events, News

Due to the requests of participants at today’s rally in front of KOTA, the scheduled Occupy Rapid City rally for tomorrow, Saturday, March 10th will continue the theme of holding Rush Limbaugh and KOTA accountable for their actions. It is an open forum. All are welcome. The protest will begin at Main Street Square at 12 Noon, and then we will march over to the KOTA station on St. Joseph Street. There were at least 60 people at the KOTA protest today. Their management appears to be placing greed over any sense of integrity. What Rush said is offensive and unacceptable. He must be held accountable. Please come out and protest this horrible stance taken by Rush Limbaugh and KOTA Radio.

  1. Don. says:

    We should rally against Ed Schultz for doing the same…Bill Maher too!

    • Ginger2012 says:

      Ed Schultz and Bill Maher are nothing like that sanctimonius, pompous, woman-bashing, closet gay, despicable pig that goes by the name of Rush Limbaugh. Neither one of them has set out to destroy womens’ health quality and send women back to the middle ages where he belongs. This megla-maniac is beyond ignorant and is no surprise that todays’ Republican party supports him in all of his crazed and irrational views and have raised this man to become their spokesperson. A few have deserted his way of thinking but where are YOUR brains. Maybe someone should stick that trans-vaginal ultrasound probe up his anal orifice and see if they can find his head. What is with all you GOP people that you cannot see how you are effecting most of the women in this country? Don’t you have wives, sisters, aunts, mothers (I wonder) that will be injured by the crap that this anal fissure spews out of that filthy mouth of his??? This (man?) has been allowed to continue his hateful rhetoric for years and the GOP has made him a hero to the party. Can’t you see that he has turned so many away. I cannot believe that I was a proud Republican at one time. About 7 or 8 years ago I finally saw the GOP for what it is and ran like hell the other way and I’m sure that I will never return as I am ashamed of everything that they try to push and call it just!!!! I believe in free speech but not to the detriment of so many women who count on laws that are supposed to be in place for their benefit and not to have this ignorant lunatic berate women that have the guts to speak up for those that can’t. NO….this cannot continue , so Rush Limbaugh and others of his ilk should not be given a platform to despise women and try to promote more injury by giving encouragement to lawmaking idiots in power to make and create the sexually harrassing laws that are now being made to undermine all women in this country. BRING out the trans-anal probes—some of you GOP-ers might really like it—if you know what I mean!!!

  2. Ginger2012 says:

    Thank you firewalker2012…. I really had a need to express my self and let go all that anger and tension that has been building up for awhile…I do feel better now, although I would be a lot better if all the hate and narrowmindedness would disappear, at least for awhile.

  3. Don. says:

    Who said I was a GOPeer? Call me something that I’m not…that will make me want to support you.

    So when Ed calls Laura Ingraham a slut and Bill calls Sarah Palin a twat, that’s free speech, right? They were doing it in good humor, right? No malice or anything like that. Rush does it to Ms. Fluke and it’s hate speech, right? Explain the difference, as I’m not really clear on the difference here.

    If you want to poison your body with pharmaceutical garbage, that’s your choice and it has no bearing on me whatsoever. Don’t expect someone else (me) to foot the bill for what you choose to do though…especially since I’m not the benefactor of sorts. We have an economy that is on the brink of bankruptcy, a system rife with naked corruption and nobody willing to make those be accountable that can, the Middle East is on fire, gas is going up, the dollar is going down and all you have to say about it is that some blow-hard said slut on the radio…and it wasn’t a left-wing blow hard which is apparently just free speech and not hate speech. That’s the pressing issue and once taken care of it will solve the world’s problems, right Ginger?

    In the end, Rush will still be on the air, KOTA will still be broadcasting him, the economy will go to shit, the corrupt will get away with it, the Middle East will burn to the ground, energy will be out of your reach and your money will be worth nothing. Stay focused on what’s really important and keep fighting the good fight there, Ginger.


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