Occupy Rapid City Meeting Notes April 2

Posted: April 6, 2012 by firewalker2012 in General

Notes on Occupy Rapid City Meeting April 2


A Bank of South Dakota?

Tom talked about the Bank of North Dakota, the only publicly owned state bank in the US, and how it is having a positive impact on that state by generating revenue and backing smaller state banks. And it’s changing the banking system nationwide. Other states are considering the creation of their own banks. Should we have one in South Dakota?


Find Out Who Pays for All Those Political Ads

Carol announced that we can/should go to our local media and get the list of their ads and who pays for them. She said they have to provide that info.


Charlotte Reported on the National Occupy Convention July 4

Occupiers will be headed to Philadelphia for a national meeting July 4 to petition our government to redress our grievances—either represent the 99% or we will run candidates against you. Every state may send two delegates through an online election process.


Tom reported on the SDEA Referral of HB1234.

The SD Education Association was successful in getting a measure calling for a 1% sales tax increase on the 2012 ballot. Money goes to fund education and health care. Now SDEA is circulating petitions to refer HB1234, the governor’s education bill calling for an incentive pay system (the “best” teachers get paid more), bonuses for math and science teachers, and an end to tenure. Tom wonders if the two actions on the same ballot will confuse voters.


Greg reported that Public Citizen is organizing National Resolutions Week.

This is a campaign asking cities and towns to pass resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on election advertising. The effort is April 9-20.


Clay Reported on the 99% Spring.

April 9-15 many grassroots organizations will organize teach-ins, seminars, and actions at the local level and attend stockholders meetings to protest corporate actions that don’t support the 99%.


“Farmageddon” Film and Panel at the Elks a Success

“Farmageddon,” a film that documents how governments are declaring war on small family farmers, generated many questions for the panel of local farmers and their supporters on March 26. 93 people attended.


Where Do We Go from Here?

Occupiers can support local farmers markets and locally controlled co-ops. It’s important to interact with other local groups. We must continue with our films and protests and resist the chickenization of the beef industry.


Charlotte Led a Discussion on Building Our Local Economy

We need to do more to promote our local economic system. Creating a worker-owned co-op is a good way to do that. This led to a discussion of low wages in Rapid City and how the city and unions are not helping improve the wage structure. A new credit union on the Pine Ridge will make loans more available.


General Assembly Meeting Place

First and third Mondays at 5:30 pm at Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop in Rapid City


Theme for April 7 Protest at Main Street Square

The 99% Spring










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