ORC Meeting Notes for April 16, 2012

Posted: April 20, 2012 by firewalker2012 in General


April 21 Protest   Meet at noon at Main Street Square and march to KOTA to protest the multiple attacks on women that have been aired recently.


Billboards   Habitat for Humanity has decided not to renew its billboard lease. ORC will meet with the management of Adoba, formerly the Radisson, to discuss their electronic billboard—how does that fit with their image of being eco-friendly?


NDRA   Marv Kammerer attended the Meade County Commission meeting to ask the commission to pass a resolution in opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act. He did not get the votes the first time and will be going back.


Proposed Paving of South Rochford Road so bikers will travel that road from Sturgis to Hill City. Local residents and ORC are opposed because it will lead to further commercial development of the area, especially big vacation homes. Those opposed should go to Pennington County website to comment.


State Bank for South Dakota   ORC members are discussing the creation of a state bank similar to the one in ND.


Constitutional Convention July 4 in Philadelphia    Discussion and search for delegates.


Proposed Valentine Mine on rim of Spearfish Canyon   LTEs opposing and discussions with property owners in the canyon were recommended.









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