Notes from Occupy Rapid City General Assembly May 7, 2012

Posted: May 11, 2012 by firewalker2012 in General

Mary Ellen announced that the May 1 NPR Talk of the Nation program featured the book “Occupy Nation” by Todd Gitlin. The Occupy movement, according to the author, is not an organization but is an organism still evolving.

Liz spoke about the death of the middle class.

Jim announced the South Dakota Peace and Justice May 8 presentation of the video Kony 2012. Is this a new way to address problems in other parts of the world?

A discussion that started Saturday at Main Street Square continued: Why are young people dropping out of ORC? Chris had suggested that the core message of economic inequality has been lost and the ORC focus has shifted to other topics such as women’s issues. There was agreement that corporate predation and misrepresentation is the source of multiple areas of concern.

It was agreed that ORC would not endorse candidates or political parties.

The ND Bakken oil fields and the possibility of similar activity in SD were discussed.

The Doctrine of Discovery was discussed. This was a doctrine issued by the Catholic Church when the “new world” was discovered by the Europeans. It states that indigenous people are not human beings and therefore have no rights at all. In the U.S. what followed was a series of Supreme Court decisions that allow the U.S. to claim lands occupied by indigenous people.

A revised flyer describing ORC was approved.

Gary asked for LTEs opposing the proposed Valentine gold mine in Spearfish Canyon and attendance at a June 7 meeting in Deadwood.

There is no specific theme for the May 12 protest at Noon at Main Street Square. We will focus on the core issues of Occupy.



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