Revised Notes from ORC General Assembly Meeting June 18, 2012

Posted: June 23, 2012 by firewalker2012 in General
  1. Word has it that the city is going make things hard for Occupiers to occupy the corner of Main Street Square.  Apparently, people of influence are complaining about our presence there.  Jim is in contact with the ACLU office in Sioux Falls to request immediate legal support if any action is taken to deprive us of our First Amendment rights.  This is a fight we would look forward to fighting.
  2. Discussion of the June 12, panel discussion at the SD Peace and Justice meeting at St. Isaac Joques Church.
  3. Creating an issue based fact hand-out to be used in conjunction with protest themes. Our primary purpose is evolving to be informational for the general public and call attention to specific issues that affect society.
  4. A suggestion to consider political activities to influence the political discussion relating to the upcoming election in order to shift the discussion toward “A Politics for the 99 Percent.”  The idea stems from an article in the June 25 issue of The Nation magazine.  This idea was also offered in a similar fashion as a challenge for individuals to call, write, and post to social media sites of elected officials by Peggy Detmers at the SDP&J panel discussion.
  5. Updates on Billboard rule changes and the proposed mining on the edge of Spearfish Canyon were among other topics of discussion at the meeting.  The billboard blight issue in Rapid City is a classic example of what the Occupy Movement is all about; where powerful companies are acting in their own interest, against the wishes of the people, largely by controlling the decisions of our elected officials.  Occupiers need to call their Council representatives and tell them that they need to pay attention to the vote of the people last June and not the vested financial interests.  It is the same issue with the proposed mining in Spearfish Canyon.  Everyone needs to cal or write the Lawrence County commissioners and tell them that we don’t want our water and tourist industry put at risk for the short term gain of a few.
  6. The protest theme for the month of July is the issue of the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission decision.  Emphasis on the fact that the Roberts Court is “legislating from the bench” consistently in favor of the Oligarchy and to the egregious detriment of our Republic.


  1. Aline says:

    The problem lies in the strtuucre of the government. The full-time paid position ($172,816+) is the City Manager. He is not elected. The Mayor who is elected needs to be someone who is either retired, independently wealthy, or has a unique financial situation like our Mayor does. I would like to call on citizens to urge our leaders to alter the form of Gaithersburg’s government so that the one who is accountable to the people is a full time employee and of appropriate experience and expertise to provide the leadership that this city is obviously lacking. The weak mayor strong manager strtuucre is the problem. It is at the root of this issue. Who reading this would take on a job (and live in Gaithersburg) at $12,500? Councilpersons make only $10,000. If we want to have the best and brightest dedicated to running our city we need to pay for it. The low pay filters out nearly all of us other citizens who cannot alter our lives to work so hard for so little.


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