1. Ramesh says:

    , just let them run on, keep 11 men,and MB is not certain to score from there. i reemmber hearing Pele say, the fundamental rules of football are full of injustice. he ( Pele) beats 6 or 7 men. the 2nd last defender fouls him. his advantage with a free kick and they bring 10 men back to form a wall. most of the time, us football fans just accept this as being fair . per soccernet, de Gea faced 7 shots on target. 6 conceded , 1 saved.. it was a good save but that kind of ratio rings alarm bells for me. haven’t studied the goals in detail since but Silva’s shot went right thru’ him, and i think thr 6th also looked saveable. doesn’t change the result but it does affect the media spin on the margin. these types of results can harm the victor more than the loser, as they get too cocky and think it’s all too easy.utd’s squad still looks stronger than city’s. eg jones & vidic > savic & kolo toure.utd have 5 strikers although berba’s chin must be nearly on the floor the way fergie is treating him. city only have 3, if tevez doesn’t play again, and balotelli who we all know is a loose cannon & could force them to be down to 2 at any stage. surely they will have to buy again in Jan.


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