Declaration of the Occupation of New York City Information on October 15th events, United for #globalchange An international network, with participants from all over the world, organized to stablish a global network of citizen activism based on the #15M ideals.

#HowToCamp #HowToOccupy A very abundant resource by This is an open “Occupy Together Field Manual” wiki with new information and resources growing every day Another growing resource with with a broader scope of topics


Read a comprehensive explanation of the General Assembly process at

Facilitation Training & Intro to Direct Democracy video

Portland Open Consensus Process this live doc details the open consensus process designed by Occupy Portland, recently consensed and adopted by the Portland General Assembly.

Here are some brochures breaking down the process:

New York General Assembly Guide Link to information and PDF download from

General Assembly Process Guide A booklet of very useful information produced by the Santa Cruze General Assembly. You can get a print version here.

  1. Des says:

    Let’s add the constitution to this! :-)


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