Vision Statement

(Updated November 21, 2011)

About Occupy Rapid City

Occupy Rapid City is a grassroots movement formed in solidarity with the Occupy Together movement worldwide. Activists from Rapid City and the Black Hills area converged on October 15th, 2011 in support of the global movement, and they continue to demonstrate their support for addressing economic and political issues.

Occupy Rapid City is a working group in which local activists discuss and enact solutions for addressing issues that affect us all. Group activities include activism on and off the street including free speech and assembly, promoting education and ideas for social change, and teach-ins in which participants share and discuss topics of relevant interest.

We are a movement coordinated by general consensus among participants. The group meets weekly to discuss the progress of the wider Occupy movement, and to plan for upcoming activities and activism.

Our concerns include the excess influence corporate entities have over governments and the political process, the moral and economic consequences of war, and the decline of economic equality and prosperity due to failed or corrupt political and economic policies.

Occupy Rapid City’s focus is on increasing public awareness of these issues in addition to promoting feasible actions for social change. Current efforts include strengthening the local economy by promoting credit unions, community banks, and small businesses, and boycotting the exploitative and damaging practices used among Wall Street corporations.

This is an evolving, open group that will continue to emerge with new ideas and goals for the general promotion of positive social change…

  1. Kathleen Scanlon says:

    I totally support Occupy Rapid City and attended the first rally downtown. Now that I have discovered this website, I intend to continue to support this effort.
    I read the December 28th letter in the RC Journal listing the corporations the movement objects to. I was surprised not to see listed the following; Corporations that take their business out of the country and are not penalized for it, and as a result force us to consume shoddy, poisonous, toxic goods made in other countries. Corporations that provide employees with lousy health insurance and insulting wage increases and call them benefits while the executives continue to pay themselves well and often. Corporations that continuously raise their prices while makeing their products and portions smaller.
    And let us not forget the corporation that is our govenment, that robs us blind, taxes us without representation, is trying to take away our freedoms of assembly and speech, and has effectively stolen the American dream and the pursit of happiness from us and has turned the middle class into the working poor.


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